Global Business for Stock Footage at $550MM/year; Up 40% from 2011 Survey

The third ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies (AGS3), published on February 28th, reports a rapidly growing business for companies who have set up dedicated units to market and sell footage. The $550MM global business represents a 40% increase from 2011, when the market was estimated at $394MM. 

The 167-page report, by the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) and Thriving Archives, provides 50 pages of analysis and 101 charts that visualize results from the 53 questions asked in the survey, conducted over a two-month period in late 2014 and completed by a group of 90 stock footage companies. The analysis covers 11 separate categories, including:  Business Conditions; Company Types; Footage Holdings; Headcount; Order Processing; Order Volume; Digitization; Customer Types; Pricing; Marketing; and Threats & Opportunities.  

”Big companies are getting bigger and smaller companies are growing too.” remarked Clara Fon-Sing, the VP of News Archives Sales & Strategy at NBCUniversal and a Co-President of ACSIL.  “While the industry is in transition with increased demand for footage on one hand and democratization of content on the other, the vast majority of companies surveyed are expecting revenue to grow and are planning to expand."

Since their publication, both ACSIL Global Surveys have been widely used and highly valued by business leaders both inside and outside the footage industry. The first survey was conducted in 2007 and the second in 2011.  The ACSIL Global Survey 3 consolidates and compares findings from all three surveys, showing trend lines over time. 

“It’s very exciting to see the progress the footage industry has made since 2007 when we published the first ACSIL Global Survey,” said David Seevers, Thriving Archives president and principal author of all three ACSIL Global Surveys. “And while the evolution has touched every area of the business, strides in digitization and the shift to online footage order processing and delivery are especially pronounced.”

AGS3 provides two distinct analyses of the current findings. Considering that the Top Ten companies represent approximately 50% of the global business, the survey tracks the segregated results of the Top Ten companies as a companion to the analysis of the sample group as a whole.

“This increase in the global stock footage marketplace comes at a moment when footage prices have been falling, when fair use has been more frequently cited to bypass the licensing process, and when digital technologies have created a threat to the protection of copyrighted works.” said Matthew White, ACSIL’s Executive Director. “The demand appears to be coming from the new customer base of Internet video and from increased production in TV, theatrical, non-broadcast corporate, and advertising”.

The Survey was paid for by ACSIL’s membership fees, and is free of charge to all ACSIL members. ASCIL and Thriving Archives will be making the report for sale to non-ACSIL members in early March.

An Executive Summary of the Report is available on request.   More information about the report and its costs are available at the ACSIL website:

The Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) is a not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of the stock footage community. Our members are the world's leading providers of stock and archival footage. ACSIL members represent and license high quality clips and unique deep content. We service traditional markets such as advertising, film, television and home entertainment while also working with a full spectrum of non-traditional, new and reinventing markets like book publishing, museums, educational vendors, video gaming, internet apps and beyond. Since its inception in 2003, ACSIL has focused on developing a professional network for its stock footage library members as well as negotiating benefits on our members' behalf. ACSIL sponsors multiple stock footage based initiatives including: gathering data on the global stock footage market, forming a Code of Practices committee to lead discussions about new licensing paradigms and monitoring shifts in domestic and international copyright law. ACSIL also reaches out to meet the needs of the production community. We sponsor events, host panel discussions and present seminars on a wide range of footage industry subjects. Whether it's sharing best practices for footage research or talks about licensing and rights clearances, ACSIL is there to support the production community. If you are interested in having ACSIL speak to your group or organization, please contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements.

About Thriving Archives
Thriving Archives works with footage companies to develop and execute marketing and business development strategies. Thriving Archives also produces market research reports on the global footage licensing industry and partners with companies providing services to the stock footage industry. In partnership with ACSIL, Thriving Archives produced the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 2007, a comprehensive review of the stock footage industry, as well as the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 2. In 2009, Thriving Archives publisher the Footage Customer Survey: Non-Fiction USA, an in-depth study of the attitudes and perceptions of footage customers from the documentary film/non-fiction program making community in the United States.

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