Advocacy Committee

Chaired by Jessica Berman Bogdan

Mandate of the ACSIL Advocacy Committee

The group will identify issues that relate to the current and future interests of the stock footage/archive based concerns  of ACSIL members.

This will include the investigation or support of proactive and reactive projects or topics, approved by the group, which will be reported in the Minutes and reports of the committee.

The group members will also identify  groups or organizations in related fields  and reach out to help or inform  on a bigger united front where appropriate as well as to identify and research projects solely sponsored or supported by ACSIL.
These areas will include for example:  Fair Use, copyright issues, licensing in a digital universe as well as other areas  related to the ongoing health of the industry.

Committee Members

Jill Hawkins - ACSIL
Jessica Berman Bogdan - Global ImageWorks
Joe Basile - Thirteen
Joe Lauro - Historic Films Archive
Pamela Jones Esq.
Scott Norman - NBCUniversal
Alison Smith - WGBH