Membership Committee

Chaired by Jill Hawkins

Mandate of the Membership Comittee

The aim of the ACSIL Membership Committee is to contribute to the creation of an Association that is  a unique leader  in the stock footage industry worldwide, engaged at all levels and areas in which stock footage and archives are involved.

The Membership Committee provides perspective on the needs and expectations of ACSIL's membership and works in tandem with other ACSIL committees to ensure ACSIL's goals, studies, papers and services are in alignment with ACSIL's Member specific goals and expectations.

The Membership Committee provides strategic guidance to retain and grow an actively engaged membership:

1. The Membership Committee ensures that all members have the requisite qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and values to elevate the and by definition the Association to play a significant leadership role in the Stock Footage industry worldwide.

2. The Membership Committee relies on the Associations committees to build a series of high level Membership benefits as part of recruitment incentives.

3. The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing eligibility criteria for membership and for making recommendations with regard to changes to membership categories and dues.

4. The Membership Committee recommends to the Board strategies for growing ACSIL membership and retaining current members particularly Charter Members. For Charter members only this might include Committee based expertise as a part solution to temporary financial shortfalls. The Committee accomplishes this in part by producing and approving an annual member recruitment plan and strategy, and periodically reviewing and adjusting the plan as needed to support attainment of annual targeted recruitment and retention goals.

Committee Members

Jill Hawkins - ACSIL
Lisa Harrison - BBC Motion Gallery
Cathy Carapella - Global ImageWorks
Amanda Huntley - Huntley Film Archives