Events Committee

Chaired by Max Segal

Mandate of the Events Committee

Building of the initial ACSIL goal of raising the profile of the stock/historic footage licensing business, the ACSIL Events Committee will explore and value the various related public Conferences and Festivals.  We will use History Makers International as our baseline.  We have worked very closely and respectfully with HMI.  Besides preferred exhibitor & advertising rates, we have established two branded contributions:  Footage Finds Screening Session and the ACSIL Award.  Once we determine a good Conference/Festival match, we will personalize it with a unique ACSIL branded event.  We have talked about ACSIL contributed footage for a best "trailer/pitch" contest, as well as ACSIL contributed footage for a best "music video" contest.  Ideally, each Conference/Panel we choose to work with, we have its own ACSIL speciality for all of us to market.  We are also developing a self-created ACSIL mini-event.  Our goal is to diversify beyond our strength in the documentary/editorial market.  Some of those other areas include:  educational, digitial publishing and advertising.

Committee Members

Max Segal - HBO
Jessica Berman Bogdan - Global ImageWorks
Ross Dabrow - T3Media
Todd Himmelreich - ITNSource
Susanna Schwartz - HBO