Since 2003, the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) has been a not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of the stock footage community.


ACSIL members are the world’s leading providers of stock and archival footage. Our members represent and license high quality clips and unique deep content. We service traditional markets such as advertising, film, television and home entertainment while also working with a full spectrum of non-traditional, new and reinventing markets like; book publishing, museums, educational vendors, video gaming, internet apps and beyond.


Since its inception in 2003, ACSIL has focused on developing a professional network for its stock footage library members as well as negotiating benefits on our members’ behalf. ACSIL sponsors multiple stock footage based initiatives including; gathering data on the global stock footage market, forming a Code of Practices committee to lead discussions about new licensing paradigms and monitoring shifts in domestic and international copyright law.


ACSIL also reaches out to meet the needs of the production community. We sponsor events, host panel discussions and present seminars on a wide range of footage industry subjects. Whether it’s sharing best practices for footage research or talks about licensing and rights clearances, ACSIL is there to support the production community.


If you are interested in having ACSIL speak to you group or organization, please contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Why Choose Us?

ACSIL is the intersection between the production community and the content owners.


We provide reliable resources for experienced producers and researchers as well as for those who want to use footage, but don’t know where to begin.


ACSIL is a one-stop resource for stock footage information.

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ACSIL Meetings
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ACSIL’s mission is sixfold. We strive to:

... act as a trade association to improve business conditions and further common business interests of its members domestically and internationally.


... devise means of securing, classifying, and disseminating trade, technological, and other important information among its members in the conduct of their stock footage business.

... expand the market demand for stock footage.

... foster the exchange of ideas among its members and to have its members cooperate with each other for the general welfare of one another.

... organise meetings and provide discussion panels on various aspects of the stock footage business.

... represent and to advance the mutual interest of its members engaged in the stock footage business and specifically, to united its members' efforts in fostering the interests of the stock footage business to result in improvements adding to their common good.