IDA Profiles Matthew White, ACSIL's Founder and Current Executive Director, on ". . . Prote

In the Winter 2018 issue of IDA's Documentary Magazine profiles ACSIL's Executive Director Matthew White. They cover his passion for archives, his belief the content of archives drives the best stories, and that this content must be preserved.

A Slate of Marble: Matthew White on Protecting the Raw Material for Docs by Ron Deusch for IDA

Matthew White was a founder, first president, and is currently executive director of the Association of Commercial Stock Image Libraries (ACSIL), a nonprofit trade association that represents the interests of the stock footage community. He ran his own stock footage library, the White Production Archives (WPA), from 1987 to 2000. His latest venture, Sutton Hoo Studios was, as White describes it, "built to create films from distressed archives." But in between those two endeavors, he served as executive director of the American Archive at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and before that was executive vice president for digital markets with National Geographic. As well, he has been and continues to act as a consultant for many archival projects around the world, and was a founder of Archives at Risk, a global initiative to safeguard endangered audiovisual archives by raising awareness, encouraging cooperative projects, and drawing on the expertise of archivists and archive organizations. In 2016, he co-produced the Beatles documentary Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years, based on footage he collected for Apple Corps for over a decade. Read the entire article.

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