Lost Hollywood Interviews Found in Brian Linehan Archive Restored by Reelin' In The Years Produc

In late 2015 we were honored to sign a deal to represent the archives of Brian Linehan who was Canada’s most beloved and respected interviewer of actors, actresses and directors. For over twenty-five years, beginning in 1973, Brian Linehan interviewed the most celebrated and influential stars and creative personalities in Hollywood. Award-winning directors such as Frank Capra and Steven Spielberg, actors such as Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks, actresses such as Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda all sat for in-depth interviews with Brian covering not only their latest project but also other important films from their respective careers. The programs he hosted, City Lights and Linehan, were broadcast across Canada and have not been seen since they first aired. Linehan, a stylish and gifted broadcaster, meticulously did all his own research and that, coupled with his vast knowledge of and passion for film and filmmaking, put him in a class by himself. As with many archives, trying to get all the material in one place has not been easy and we’ve had to dig through many different vaults in Canada to locate the master tapes as well as many of the raw camera tapes. 5 weeks ago we received over 2000 tapes that had been sitting in a storage facility north of Toronto and were in danger of being destroyed. We paid for the shipping of all the tapes to my office (2700 pounds of tape!) Over the last five weeks we have transferred and cataloged over 1300 of the tapes. I’ve been transferring these tapes night and day and I’m ready for a vacation.

The tapes are on many different formats from 2-Inch quad tape to 1-inch tape, Betacam and Umatic and all take a lot of care to make sure they play correctly to get the best transfer. We were able to transfer all the material in our office except the 2-Inch quad tapes which needed to be handled by David Crosthwait at DC Video. For many years he's transferred our 2 Inch tapes and other tapes that require more attention and he always gets them to look amazing.

It’s such a joy to discover footage that has been lost for decades and to make them available for filmmakers for the first time. One of the many unique items we uncovered was an interview with Donald Sutherland, John Landis AND John Belushi promoting the movie Animal House in 1978. John Belushi rarely ever did interviews so this was a very special find. To date, we’ve transferred and cataloged thousands of interviews with actors, actresses and directors from not only the Brian Linehan Archive but David Frost, Merv Griffin, Rona Barrett, Fred Saxon and many others. If you are doing a doc on anyone related to Hollywood from the 1950s to the early 2000s chances are we have an interview with that person.

Tom Gulotta Art Director/Head of Production Reelin' In The Years Productions www.reelinintheyears.com

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