June 6, ACSIL Panel @ DAS 2018: The Making of Netflix’s Bobby Kennedy for President

ACSIL PANEL @ AMIA's DAS 2018 The Making of Netflix’s Bobby Kennedy for President Wednesday, June 6, 2018 Panel Time: 3:45 pm EST MoMA 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY

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  • Moderated by Matthew White, Executive Director/ACSIL andco-Producer/The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

  • Rich Remsburg, Archival Producer, Bobby Kennedy for President

  • Elizabeth Wolff, Producer, Bobby Kennedy for President

  • Laura Michalychyshyn, Executive Producer, Bobby Kennedy for President

  • Joshua Pearson, Editor, Bobby Kennedy for President

On the 50th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential campaign, a courageous team of filmmakers premiered their long-anticipated four-episode documentary series on a true giant of American history. Never cowering from the gravity of their subject, these filmmakers explored a deep wilderness of archival media and found creative inspiration in the search itself. The result? A stunningly important demonstration of archival storytelling and a true contribution to film preservation and the historical record. The Guardian calls this “a meticulous study of a seismic political era;” The Atlantic calls it “a microcosm for American politics itself;” Newsday calls it “exhaustive, admiring, comprehensive, richly documented.” This special panel, assembled for the DAS conference on the day following the 50th anniversary of RFK’s assassination, will reveal the creative dance between archival source materials and the filmmakers’ art. How do archival elements influence the narrative? How do the producers, editors, and archival producers interact? Can the hunt for footage yield new materials lost to history? How do you process analog media for a digital production routine? How do you budget for this? Is the footage still there? How are today’s archive-inspired filmmakers serving a preservation function? This session will raise these questions and reveal the collaborative effort involved in telling successful documentary stories through archival elements. When done right, as exemplified in Bobby Kennedy for President and other recent efforts such as Wild, Wild Country, or OJ: Made in America, or The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, it draws enormous audiences. There is nothing like it.

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